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Skeleton Evolution
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Type Manhua

Skeleton Evolution

Alternative Titles Otherworldly Skeleton Evolution, Skeleton Evolution: It starts with being summon by a goddess, Skeleton Evolution: Starting From Being Summoned By the Sorceress, 骷髅进化:从被女神召唤开始

Synopsis Skeleton Evolution

 Read Skeleton Evolution: Starting From Being Summoned By the Sorceress or Skeleton Evolution: It Starts With Being Summon by a Goddess in for fast release

Jiang Cheng, a man who unexpectedly finds himself reincarnated into a fantastical game world as a lowly skeleton, summoned by a group of beautiful female players using dark necromancy. To his dismay, this skeleton is no ordinary minion; it’s the epitome of cannon fodder, barely worth a second glance! But fortune smiles upon him, for he possesses an extraordinary ability—the Infinite Evolution System!

With this newfound power, Jiang Cheng embarks on a remarkable journey, evolving from a mere skeleton into a god-tier undead warrior. Now, armed with unrivaled strength and cunning intellect, he unleashes havoc upon the game world, sending players and NPCs alike into fits of desperation and sorrow.

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